How to Use Siri on iPhone 4s a Complete User Guide to Use Siri

What is Siri on iPhone 4s?

Siri on iPhone 4s

Siri on iPhone 4s

Siri on iPhone 4s is basically the virtual or artificial assistant which was introduced in October 2011. It enables you to use iPhone 4s more easily and quickly that whatever you wish to say, it will act as like that. Siri is highly useful and easy to use feature that is handled by just using your voice you can perform unlimited functions, whether for calls, send messages, meetings, appointments, places, maps, navigation, and a lot of other things with Siri application.

Siri works online (Wi-Fi/Internet connections) and its performance is up to all the built-in applications of iPhone 4s.

User Guide to Use Siri on iPhone 4s:

Send Messages:

Siri is an amazing application on iPhone 4s. If you want to send a message to anyone, what to do is just say it (use of voice) and Siri will write as you say and it will send message automatically.

Give instructions to it and Siri will fulfill as you say.

Use of Siri on iPhone 4s

Use of Siri on iPhone 4s

Contact information:

If you want to find details of your contact, just tell it the name, it will find that contact’s name, address, phone number and others what did saved in your contact information.

Send an E-mail:

You just have to give instructions by your voice, it will understand what you say and what you mean to say.

Ask Siri to write an E-mail to the person you want, it will go to your e-mail and will follow your words as it is. Siri can send e-mails to more than one person as under your words.

Navigation (Map):

If you are seeking for any store or shops then no to worry anymore because wherever you are standing, just ask it by the name of that store it will find it’s complete details for you and will tell you the easier and quickly way to reach that area. Which can not only saves your precious time but also helpful to you in finding out anything what you want.

Ask anything to Siri:

Siri is just an incredible application in iPhone 4s. You can ask anything you want, it will understands the way of your talking and makes your thing to do on iPhone more easy and helpful.

Set Alarm:

Just ask Siri to set “any time” you need it will perform functions as it is.

Talking to Siri is just as like you are talking to a person who understands your every saying.

Get details of any direction you needed of:

Ask Siri to find out the “place” where exactly it is. It will give you all the information about that place whether the address, phone numbers, contact information, and even it tells the shortcuts from map that is short way of reaching that place.

Weather forecast:

Siri provides all the information you are needed of. It tells you about the weather conditions like temperature and rain forecast etc.


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