Jailbreak or Unlock iPhone 4s 5.1.1 Step by Step User Guide

How to Unlock iPhone OS 5.1.1

How to Unlock iPhone OS 5.1.1

iPhone 4s has been launched with amazing and incredible features such as Siri and others. After discussing that how to Use Siri on iPhone 4s now it’s time to let you know about iPhone 4s that it is no longer locked now. It can be easily Unlock by following easy steps.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 4s 5.1.1 within 10 minutes:

iPhone can be jailbreak for both of the Windows or Mac users. To follow these steps here are some important things you must be aware of that.

  • Jailbreak can only be done with iPhone OS 5.1.1 and you must have to backup your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud.

Step 1:

Search out the latest version of Absinthe to download it for your iPhone. Make sure that the version you are going to install is of Mac, Windows and Linux. And save that file with the name “Absinthe”

Step 2:

Now install the Absinthe application in your iPhone OS 5.1.1 by extracting the files from the zipped folder. Let the application fully installed while launching, do not interrupt it.

Step 3:

Jailbreak iPhone 4s

Jailbreak iPhone 4s

Now you can access your iPhone, if your iPhone is “Turned On” then make it as “Turn Off”.

When you click the Unlock or Jailbreak button, it may take time for unlocking your iPhone OS. After a few minutes the prompt will come as “Done, Enjoy!” so now you can run your all iPhone functions easily because you have Jailbreak iPhone OS 5.1.1 now.

Note: To unlock your iPhone is at your own risk, it may void your iPhone warranty.

*If you have any ambiguity, then feel free to ask us we will guide you.


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